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22 Weeks Old

The land of cheese and sculptures
Sit Pretty

Due to a high demand, I decided to supply you with a tutorial on how to teach sit pretty. This trick is extremely easy BUT takes a ton of dedication and patience. The key is how much you work on it, 5-10 minutes a day several times a day for weeks at a time and you will have this trick mastered!! 

Honestly it's just a lot of luring, treats and patience! 

Have fun!

Jump In My Arms

Many people teach this trick for a celebration after a good agility run or just to have an easy way to pick up their dog. I use this trick for several reasons and those vary between dogs.  Teaching this behaviour not only has a lot to do with the dog but everything to do with the person. It took me several months to be able to catch my 50lb dog. Once mastered it's a wonderful trick to show friends and family along with using it outside of entertainment. 

The first step is to have your dog jump on your lap while you sit on a couch or chair. Once your pup is comfortable with that you need to fade the sitting to a slope. I do this by leaning on a wall,tree or couch. 

The final step comes with confidence from both dog and handler! 

Don't forget to share your thoughts and training questions!

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