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23 Weeks Old

City of Sins, Viva Las Vegas!
Association Of Professional Dog Trainers Conference!

Walking a puppy through crowds of drunk people, lights, cameras and slot machines is not an easy task. I had a blast staying in a hotel for the conference with all three dogs. I honestly think it helped Loki get use to crazy environments. Though he did show his true border collie self, slick floors and BC's just don't mix! 

Loki did a lot of  ignoring training while at this conference. Only Service Dogs and celebrity dogs can attend. Since I am fully aware of how these dogs should act in public I worked on Loki being calm and collected while around the event. 

Heelwork & Loose Leash Walking

Not my favourite topic but I did work on this a bunch this past week. I took what Loki has done and built on it. Using a reward to lure closer to my side, rewarding for a tight heel. Normally not taking more than a few steps. This process might take longer but it builds the bond and trust between a dog and handler. 

Don't forget to share your thoughts and training questions!

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