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21 Weeks Old

Sending you and your dog back to school
Back To School!

Something I try and do with every puppy I get is attend an obedience program or seminar. Now with Loki I was able to have him attend a workshop that I was teaching. Working with your dog in a new environment with new people and dogs is always a fantastic training opportunity. 

While at the workshop the biggest challenge was working on new/old behaviors with MANY distractions. The best way to work with distractions is to remove yourself from the situation IF it becomes too much to handle. If your dog gets extremely distracted to the point you can't connect your eyes, try moving further away from the distraction and continue training. 

Eventually your pup will realize the distractions are not actually that interesting. I always say to become more distracting than the distraction. 

Don't forget to share your thoughts and training questions!

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