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20 Weeks Old

Lets get serious
Impulse Control

​Using The KLIMB, I work on several situations where Loki needs to stay and control himself. I normally reward for making the right choice and for not jumping off the KLIMB. I also like when dogs "don't" make a noise while being in a kennel or pedestal, so I normally reward for that too. 

My favorite training method is to allow the dog to think it through. Making the right decision on his/her own time is very effective. 

Clean Up! 

This trick is something I like to wait and allow the dog to figure out. I can move around the box to help with a higher success rate, but normally I just point to the toy and allow the dog to figure out what is being asked. As you can see in the video Loki was having no problem with bringing the toy back to the box BUT he is having issues with keeping his paws out of the box. I solved this by raising the box in order to prevent him from bending down to drop the toy in. 

 The reason behind me rewarding away from the box is to not have his paws in the box along with getting him ready to fetch another toy. This trick normally involves more than one toy to fetch!

If you are having issues getting your pup to target the toy to the box, Here is a SUPER old video of Puppy Hero learning this trick from scratch! 

Don't forget to share your thoughts and training questions!

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