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You could have the most spectacular freestyle routine, but what if you don't have the perfect song to go with it?

Something I have learned over the years is the best way to prevent the from happening is to build your routine around a song, not the other way around. 

Things to watch for: 

Tempo Changes 

Try and find a song that matches your speed along with your dogs enthusiasm. You can select a song that has slow sections and then up beat moments.



Use the words that are in your song choice to build the routine and give it some context. You can create a story within the routine or just have segments that play along with your selected song. 


Play with music that give you instrumental breaks or just go with a song that is completely instrumental. 


You want to avoid music that sounds the same or that has lyrics that repeat themselves to often. You want to aim for something fresh and interesting so your audience and yourself doesnt get bored! 

Below are a few song choices and explanations why I think they would make good freestyle routines. 

The Music!

Somethin' Bad is a great song for a slower more methodical routine. It has several beat changes and had some exciting sections where higher energy tricks could be showcased. Overall the song choice offers some comedy aspects as well as serious moments. If planned out accordingly it could make for a really unique entertaining routine. 

Somethin Bad - Miranda Lambert
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Mr. Blue Sky is a Cheery song with a beat that any dog can keep up with. It has a very optimistic feel and has those moments of low and high energy to compliment any behavior. I personally like this song because it dips down into several sections of lyrics and instrumental which can be used to make a fun routine. 

Mr.Blue Sky - ELO
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King Of Swing - Big Bad Voodoo
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King Of Swing is a pretty cool track because there are hardly any lyrics. In most cases I would avoid a song choice that doesnt have lyrics, Mainly because I enjoy being able to follow the music. I normally build a routine based off of the lyrics so I can keep track on where I am in the song. This song in particular would make a wonderful freestyle routine. 

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