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Welcome To SuperStyle!

Your online resource to learning Canine Freestyle!

Let's Start With The Basics

Learning a few basic behaviours, can easily add some much needed flair to any routine! 

Putting It All Together

Let's start to build on a few behaviours and have some solid sequence. 

Time To Find The Perfect Tune

Sure, the actual routine needs to look good. but what's really important is the music! 

Are You Camera Ready?

You've got the moves, the dog and the tune. All that's left is the outfit! 

Now that we have everything we need for a routine, it's time to put it all into a short, entertaining routine! 

Thank you for purchasing access to these videos

Don't forget to share your own progress on the facebook group! 

Keep in mind this is a program and for personal assistants you must contact me for a private lesson. I will try and give assistance on the facebook group but it is not mandatory. 

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