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7 Weeks Old

I started to take Loki out and about. 
Still not allowing him to walk around, due to lack of shots
All Work & No Play
Obviously this isn't the case, but I did start bringing the little guy to work with me. He would come out on stage in front of over 3000 people and get to see and hear a live band, cheering and other sights and sounds. He also got pet by over 200 kids and adults along with being held by them. This happens once or twice a week for the next 4-5 months. 
He also gets accustomed to being in a kennel during a show & with all the stimulation normally ends up fast asleep. 
I normally start with basic behaviours that will give my puppy more body awareness. He is so underdeveloped that he just started to hear and I would assume see clearer. I began with sit, down, spin left and spin right. Once he got the idea of those down I began with a small sit pretty and some pedestal work. 
Showing Loki that he has 4 paws is a SUPER important skill to have. Especially for a trick dog. I normally would use a KLIMB pedestal but because of his size used a water bowl flipped over. I lure for the first few sessions and always end on a positive note/ successful attempt. After that I allow the dog to think it through and to my surprise he picked it up super quick, but still has some wobbly attempts. 

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