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6 Weeks Old

Introduction to Other Dogs
Something that is new to me is introducing a puppy to the dogs I currently own. I took this process slow and cautiously since my female "Marvel" is still getting over her reactivity.
I had made sure Loki did his buisness outside before placing him on the floor. I first had Hero alone with him, Hero couldn't care less about dogs but he did give him some proper corrections for unwanted nipping. 
Marvel took to the puppy incredibly well. She started off with a sniff and ended up in a play bow almost instantly. Now she is a fully grown dog, so play is always monitored and most of the time broken up. 
Both dogs seemed to be fine with him and had no issues.
Crate Training 101
I don't get started with crate training right away. Normally I include a puzzle game for the puppy's meal. This also allows him to play in the kennel and he doesn't get freaked out.
Something you do see me using here is a puppy pad to clean up messes. This IS NOT something I leave in the kennel for weeks at a time. The pad is in here because this puppy is MUCH younger than most. I did not use a pad with any of my other dogs and do not recommend them to anyone. 
Don't forget to buy a nylabone when you plan on getting a new puppy or rescue.. These are amazing and they offer so many types! for your new pup! Click on the bones to go to their website!

Don't forget to share your thoughts and training questions!

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