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About The Workshop

Tricky K9s is a two hour dog trick workshop taught by Celebrity Dog Trainer Sara Carson. Starting with basic behaviors, you and your dog will enjoy learning several novice and advanced level tricks. Going over many eye catching behaviors  that are sure to impress your friends and family! Spend some time bonding with your k9 companion.


Some tricks you can expect to learn: 

foundations for handstand 

backwards circles

spin & twist


leg weaves



and much more… 

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Tricky K9s Workshop

Past Workshops


Sara Carson with The Super Collies was incredible to work with throughout the whole process of her workshop here at DePaw Dog Sports and Training Academy. She came through with doing everything she said she was going to do and more. Her workshops were very professional and fun for everyone that attended. She took the time with each student to help them figure out their dog’s needs to understand every trick. During the coaching process, she was always positive every step of the way. As a result, we had only positive feedback from all the attendees at her workshop. Overall, she was prompt, professional, and provided great results. Excited to have her back for another workshop in the future.

I am so glad to have met Sara at one of her Tricky K9s workshop while she was in Austin, TX.  I have seen her videos before and I am truly amazed by the things her border collies can do!  I thought one day my smooth collie would be able to do some of the simpler tricks at least.  He knew a few already, but I wanted to teach him more.  I had started working on the bow/curtsy trick but needed some help with it. It wasn't one of the tricks we were learning at the workshop, but Sara was so kind of enough to show me her method.  So I used her method and 5 days later, Alani was bowing down for me!  I was so proud of him!  Thank you again, Sara! -An Duong

New Zealand

(Ashburton & Auckland)


I recently had the pleasure of attending one Sara's tricks seminars. Going along to the seminar I was a little apprehensive since Sara's own dogs were so impressive and the dog I took was a complete tricks novice! However having admired Sara's video's for quite a while I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go, and I am so glad I went! As it turns out my worries were unfounded, Sara was affable, encouraging and professional throughout the seminar, making my little novice and I welcome. Even though we didn’t manage to complete any of the tricks over the course of the weekend, we had such a fantastic time learning. Sara was very thorough and ensured time was spent with each participant and explained each exercise in its entirety in an easy to understand manner. It was wonderful to be in a group of diverse trainers with dogs who were at different levels, I was very impressed watching Sara cater to each dog showing just how flexible she is as a trainer and I feel the fact that every dog in the group managed to make progress over the weekend is a great testament to Sara's training ability. Taking the things that we learnt through the weekend I have since managed to achieve a number of the tricks taught and we are working hard towards the others, something I know I would not have been able to accomplish without Sara's teaching and methods. Knowing what can be achieved and seeing the passion Sara has for working with dogs was such an inspiration. I would not hesitate to recommend Sara's seminars to others regardless of age, prior knowledge or trick repertoire and I know if I ever get the chance to participate again I would be the first to sign up.

Olivia - Ashburton, NZ

Vancouver, Canada

I had Sara Carson and her Super Collies come and do several 2 hr "Tricky K9"   workshops, and some privates, for me at my dog training facility, DogWorks Training Inc., in Feb 2017.  We had groups of 8 students at a time, and everyone LOVED Sara's workshops!   The tricks Sara teaches are not your average tricks and everyone was delighted with the trick choices and creativity in training the tricks.   All of the Novice people were amazed at their dogs' progress in the workshop and left beaming with pride over their dogs' new skills. We also had several students in Advanced who already had a lot of trick training on their dogs, but Sara was able to challenge and surprise them with new tricks to work on.  

  Throughout the weekend Sara did a fantastic job of managing the students, explaining everything clearly, and giving everyone a little on-one-one time with any helpful pointers needed for their dog.  I have already been asked when Sara will be returning for the next workshops and I would happily welcome back Sara and The Super Collies anytime as it was a very successful and fun weekend for all.

-Dove Cresswell, CPDT-KA

Portland, Oregon


This workshop is one of the best I've ever attended. On a whim I asked Sara if she would be interested in doing a workshop in Portland when I knew she would be in the area, she said yes, and gave me such a good deal on pricing that I was able to keep the attendee cost down. There was only two weeks notice to fill three classes. They all sold out and there were a number of people who audited.


I found Sara to be very accommodating, professional and easy to work with, she gave three solid workshops in one day, and was a dynamo to the very end of the last one. It was a long day, and I was very impressed with her ability to just keep going. The workshop itself was recieved very well by everyone, and the instructions were clear and easy to duplicate. Sara spent time with each attendee to make sure that everyone was achieving success. One of the classes was filled with slightly more advanced students and went so quickly that a few things were added on the fly and a small demo was given at the end. All in all, I was very impressed, and as a fellow trick instructor I was likewise impressed with how Sara has refined her techniques.


I love watching other trainers work, we all come to our understanding from different angles, and I probably wouldn't have come up with the methods Sara taught on my own. If you have a chance to host a workshop, DO IT! if you have an opportunity to attend a workshop, DO IT!, you won't regret it.  ~Chet Wise

Information for Hosts


40/60 split

In some cases hotel


Attendees are required to bring: Towel, Bowl with large flat bottom, Hair Tie and wear running shoes


Maximum 10 working spots

unlimited audits 

no age or breed restriction

Past Workshop Hosts

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