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Looking for your next Super Collie?

We offer task trained service dogs, performance dogs and active family pets!


It’s been 2 years since we’ve had a dog in our lives.

We had been talking about getting another dog, but not for a year from now. I live with mobility, trauma, and medical issues and would need assistance with all the training if we got a puppy. Enter, Sara! We go back a number of years and are from the same hometown.


I took puppy classes from her years ago. I’ve followed her progress and know her skills as a dog trainer and service dog training as well. We had spoken about a dog that she would find who would be suitable for me and would carry out the task training etc needed for me for my medical needs. On a fluke, while doing a search online she came across the perfect fit for me this month!! She set us up to chat with the kennel and owner of the dog and we are now going to be the successful new owners of a one year old Siberian husky fully task trained service dog. We will welcome him to our home in Sept. he will be traveling from the US to Vancouver and we will meet the dog and handler there and bring him home to Vancouver Island.


We’ve owned 5 huskies in the past, so him being trained already and service dog trained it’s a perfect fit for me and family. I’d recommend Sara Carson anytime for your dog training, service dog, trick training, or any other dog related needs. She’s world renowned, an author, trainer, performer, traveller, app developer, and the list goes on. (And Canadian). Thank you, Sara for looking out for my needs and thinking of a match with “Schultz” and I.


We can’t wait to meet him and bring him home.


Sincerely, Naomi, Mike, & Schultz

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