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SuperStart Program

What is SuperStart?

Follow the training adventures of Border Collie puppy Loki, from 6 weeks - 6 months old. 


The information provided in this program will help new puppy owners and current dog owners. The training is clear and easy to follow, With the idea of creating a well balanced, behaved and comfortable puppy. 

  • What to teach first
  • Training impulse control
  • Socialization
  • Meeting people and dogs
  • Tricks & Training
  • Relationship and Focus Building
  • Exclusive Facebook Group 
  • And Much More!

How does it work?

After purchasing the program, You will get access to the exclusive training page. The program began in June 2016 but will be available for up to three years. After purchasing the program you will have UNLIMITED access to all of the content! An Email will also be sent to you with the access code (be sure to save that!)


Is this only for puppies?

NO! This program is designed for new dog owners and current owners who have never worked with their dogs. Over 15 tricks are covered in the program. Basic obedience and some flashy behaviours are to show off to friends and family!


If you have any questions or need technical support: 

Loki using a Klimb Pedistal 

Check out a free sample and see if this program is right for you!


SuperSkillz has opened my mind to the possibilities of puppy tricks and behaviors.

I find it to be a clear and concise guide of steps to follow when raising a well rounded young dog. Also, who couldn't love watching young Loki blossom week by week.

~Ashley Lambert

Would highly recommend! Both my puppies are a couple months older than Loki, but the videos and information Sara gave us was still so applicable to anyone wanting to raise a well behaved and well rounded puppy or dog. I especially liked the videos - they made it a lot easier to apply what she was teaching us. Sara always answered any question I had and always made sure that I understood what she meant in her answer. During these last couple of months, my puppy entered his first obedience trial and he came first. I know it's because of the training Sara showed us that he was able to do so well in distracting environments . I'm definitely signing up for the 7-12 months Super Skillz! ~Lisa Yates


Already have the access code? 

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