Hall Of Fame


Hall Of Fame


April 2016 - October 2019


The most talented and driven dog I have ever had the pleasure of working with.. Struggled with an undiagnosed illness for almost two years and finally passed away surrounded by all the people and dogs that loved him. He will forever be missed.. 


Rescued from a shelter and turned into an amazing pet. Thor suffered from anxiety and hated traveling.. He ended up retiring to his original adopter in Kentucky! Now he spends his days being a spoiled pet who loves doggy day care and chasing his cat siblings! 


Adopted from a family in san Francisco, Marvel traveled across North America, Performing and competing for 5 years.Her favorite was catching Frisbees at halftime shows and finding rats during barn hunt. Marvel has struggled with behavioral issues and just isn't happy living with other dogs. After lots of thought, She moved to Canada to live a stress free life with Sara's Father.