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SuperStyle Canine Freestyle Program

One Time Fee of $200


Get Access Today!

What is SuperStyle?

An online resource to learning how to freestyle with your dog. 


The information provided in this program will help you create and improve in Canine Freestyle . The training is clear and easy to follow, With the main focus revolving around having fun!

Please note that this program is a resource and not a class. 

  • Proofing already known behaviours
  • Training impulse control
  • Canine Freestyle Foundation
  • Relationship and Focus Building
  • Exclusive Facebook Group 
  • And Much More!

How does it work?

After purchasing the program, You will get access to the exclusive training page. The program began in July 2018 but will be available for up to three years. 


If you have any questions or need technical support: 

Need help learning the behaviors used in Canine Freestyle?

Tap to download our dog training app "Puppr"

Already have the access code? 

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