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24 Weeks Old

Fit dogs rock!
FitBone Fun!

Normally I would have done this earlier on in my puppy's life... but sadly I didn't have access to any fit paw equipment! Loki had no problems working on the bone. I worked on this every day for one week, the sessions lasted around 15 minutes and of course got his dinner while playing with the bone! 

Ouch, Ouch,Ouch!

A fun trick I enjoy teaching is to limp! I named this trick (Ouch) because why not! The steps are simple but the trick takes a while to build up the muscle memory. Just like a sit pretty, this trick takes around a month to master. I start off by teaching the dog to stand on que.


Once they have mastered that I cue for a paw and reward. I start to expect a longer duration for the hold and continue to reward. This can be easily done by holding your hand out and waiting for the dog to try and place their paw in your hand. The final step is to get some walking steps. I simply que for the paw and step backwards. 

Don't forget to share your thoughts and training questions!

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