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25 Weeks Old

You better shape up! 

Many people enjoy this trick for photos. I teach it for photos and to improve my dogs coordination and balancing skills. Teaching this trick your pup will need to have an independent sit pretty.


The steps are simple, cue a sit pretty and place the toy in between your dog's paws. Reward for any small signs of a hug. With time and patience you will have a solid hug in no time! You can easily transfer the hug to other objects, dog's or people! 

Backing up with a twist!

Let's get some body awareness! At this point our pups all know how to back up. Something fun I like to work on is backing up a flight of stairs! I start this off with just rewarding for a single step, and rewarding after every other step. This is a super fun exercise that can be done a few times a day. 

Don't forget to share your thoughts and training questions!

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