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19 Weeks Old

OH, Canada!
Canadian Pet Expo

Exposing your dog to people and other dogs is great, but what about reptiles, birds, children and farm animals? Getting a puppy to meet one of each before they hit 6 months old is a great way to expose them to new things! 

This expo was perfect since it had everything! Loki took it in strides and ended the day with some puppy agility and lots of treats! 

I highly recommend taking your new puppy or rescue dog to a playground and having children interact with them. This will avoid a lot of issues when your new pup gets older! 

The past few weeks have been a ton of traveling, exposure and proofing current behaviors for new situations. Loki has not learned anything new but has gained a ton of experience with dealing with new situations. 

COP-COP Tutorial

This is a trick with many names but one purpose : entertainment! I always have so much fun looking down at an adorable little face looking back up at me! Many people also enjoy this trick because people are always in aww by it! 

Now to teach this trick, I break it into two parts. (Start) & (Paws Up) 

Start is a widely used obedience position. I use it to get my dogs out of the way of other people when in a crowded area. Its main use for me is for this trick. Once your dog is comfortable with this position you can move on to teaching your pup to place his paws on your feet. I like to start this with large shoes, giving your dog a larger surfaces to use.

If your dog isn't good with his paws, you can place a treat over his head. This will make him/her raise his front paws to try and reach the reward. Simply move your feet inwards and when your pup drops to the ground, their paws will land on on your feet! Reward for one paw and reward for two. Just take your time! ​​

Don't forget to share your thoughts and training questions!

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