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15 Weeks Old

Growing Up!
Hold It!

I'll be honest. Teaching this trick is time consuming and frustrating. I love this trick for photos, but it also helps with body awareness and control. There are several ways of teaching this trick. In the video, you will see a few methods combined for the best results! 

I like to start off using a toy or item the dog likes to hold already. Once he starts to learn the behaviour, I move on to weird objects like metal, plastic and paper.

Orbit Around You!

Now that I have spent a good amount of time working on the foundations for this trick, it was no problem for Loki to pick up the new behaviour. I wont start naming this trick untill I can have my hand high above his head and lure in a circle. 

Loose Leash Walking
(Article By Lindsay Oakley, KPA CTP, CTDI)

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I like to allow my puppy complete freedom when introducing them to walking on a leash. After a few weeks of using a harness and walking around, I start the actual training process. The following information is from a fellow trainer. 

"So step one to successful loose leash walking, is attention. Grab that 

motivation of yours, (for ease in explaining, I have chosen food as the 

main motivator for this article) and a clicker if you have it (a simple "yes" or "good" will work as a marker if you don't), leash up your dog, and go......nowhere. That's right, start in your house, with minimal distractions.  Wait for your dog to look at you, click (or use your marker word) and 

drop a treat on the ground, away from you, to "reset" the dog.  When the dog turns to look at you (eye contact is not necessary, seeing the front of his nose pointing at you is) repeat the process. 


Do this for 10 -15 reps.  End your session. Play with your pup, give him something to chew....give your pup some time away from training.  Then practice this in many rooms of the house, then outside in your front yard, the back yard, a park, in front of a store, the vet's get the idea.  The cue (once your dog is automatically looking back at you after eating the cookie) guessed it, the dog's name. "

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