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14 Weeks Old

Back to Basics!
Paw Targets

Learning to use their paws is a pretty important skill for a puppy to have. I like teaching small behaviours that include using a paw or two. In this video, you can see me teaching Loki how to properly ring a service bell. 

This behaviour is super cute and not only helps the dog with learning how to use his paws, but helps with surfaces. 

Leave it & Drop it... again 

Cleaning up these two behaviours never gets old. Each session is only improving on these super important life skills. 

Leave It

There are so many games you can play to help improve your dog's ability to leave something when asked. I like training without verbal cues. So when something is dropped on the floor, or when we come across something that the dog should know not to touch, he will make the choice to leave it alone. 

Drop It

As seen in a previous week, I teach drop it with a tug or leash. I give a  verbal cue along with some body language. I stop tugging and start again after the dog drops it. I do this so at times I can either give a verbal cue or just stop tugging to get the pup to drop it!

Orbit Expert!

Just like teaching spin, I use a very similar format to get to the final behavior.  With a flick of the wrist I allow the dog to think about what is being asked and give him the opportunity to successfully offer the behavior. I like to call this behavior "turn" and eventually when teaching Orbit I will call make it mean multiple things. 

Don't forget to share your thoughts and training questions!

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