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12 Weeks Old

Impulse control, Rear end awareness & some fun! 
Travel & Explore
Since I got Loki it's been a non-stop driving adventure. I try and get my pups as comfortable as I can with traveling and adapting to new situations/environments. When I first got Loki he had a big trip and sleep over and totally rocked it. This week I took all the pups to a friend's house and stayed the night. He didn't mess in his kennel and slept through the night! Total rockstar! 
Orbit Basics

Orbit is a trick I have been doing for a while that is something people love to see! It's easy to teach and helps the dog understand where his paws are. It can be called anything, I have heard people call it reverse and back up. 

This is only Loki's first session. 

Drop it

Teaching your pup to drop things when asked is a fantastic skill to have. With my sport pups I teach a very exciting drop it to help with impulse control. As you can see in the video, I make it a game that the dog clearly enjoys and understands. I get the dog super pumped up and then give the drop it cue. I use "That's enough". The pup then drops the object and backs up waiting for the next cue. I like to teach this with multiple objects but in this case Loki learned it with just his ZUMI leash and a few pieces of kibble while we were at the outdoor mall. 

Don't forget to share your thoughts and training questions!

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