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11 Weeks Old

Intro to new objects
Lets got for an adventure!
Something I highly recommend is looking up all of the pet friendly places in your area. I hit the lottery when I found an outdoor mall that allows dogs in almost all of the stores.
Not only did Loki get to meet tons of people but he also got to get desensitized to some unique noises and sights! They had a light show with fire,water and amazing music. 
Working on some tricks, recall and just overall listening in these new places is a fantastic way to spend time with your pup! 

Ok before you get mad at me for teaching such a small pup this trick I want to explain why I do this. At this stage exposing your pup to moving objects and new surfaces  is super important! It's common in Border Collies to be strange with new textures and things. I teach this trick to help balance and expose them to moving things.  

This was our first session on the board and as you can see it's hardly a training session. Just lots of praise and cookies! 

Let's learn to KLIMB!

If you haven't already heard of the Blue-9 KLIMB you need to go over to their website and check them out! (Click on the Klimb photo above) 


"The Klimb is a specially designed dog training platform that improves a dog's focus by elevating them off the ground and making training more effective".

This was Loki's very first Klimb training session and so far I am beyond pleased with his progress! Both of my other dogs are trained to use this pedestal and its worked wonders with Marvel's reactivity training. Also in this video I was training during a huge storm. 

Don't forget to share your thoughts and training questions!

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