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10 Weeks Old

Proofing old behaviours and learning a few new ones!
Now something new to me is having a dog that is terrified of the clicker. I have trained hundreds of dogs and their owners and not once had this issue. I tackled it with a much quieter click, like a pen cap and slowly moved up to using the clicker. I still normally just use the word yes to mark good behaviours. 
Open & Close
Something I highly recommend is looking up all of the pet friendly places in your area. I hit the lottery when I found an outdoor mall that allows dogs in almost all of the stores.
Not only did Loki get to meet tons of people but he also got to get desensitized to some unique noises and sights! They had a light show with fire,water and amazing music. 
Working on some tricks, recall and just overall listening in these new places is a fantastic way to spend time with your pup! 
Leave It

When I ran my own training facility I had so much success teaching dogs the leave it behavior. I remember getting owners telling me it won't work or it's "not possible". Well after less than two minutes, their dogs would leave a piece of steak in placed in front of them.   

Below is a video of Loki learning "Leave it"

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